- Top rated penis extenders reviewed and compared

Compare top rated penis extenders

When comparing penis extenders, we take into consideration following important factors:

  • What is the overall customer satisfaction rate?
  • Is the device medically approved and what tests were done on the device?
  • What materials was the device made from?
  • How comfortable is the device when you wear it?
  • Who is the manufacturer and how long they have been on the market?
  • Are there any dangerous components to this device?
  • Any side effects when using the device?
  • What is the price and how big is their money back guarantee?
  • What are maximal penis size gains recorded?
  • When should a user expect first visible size gains?

General penis extenders comparison

Keep in mind that we do not recommend any other penis extenders than those listed in our comparison table. Please take your time and study the following table; after that you will be able to make better and educated decisions about which penis extender is best for you.

Criteria SizeGenetics Phallosan Jes Extender Male Edge
User satisfaction rate 99% positive 98% positive 95% positive 93% positive
Max length gains 1-4 inches Up to 2 inches 1-2 inches 1-2 inches
Max girth gains 2 inches 1 inch 1 inch 1 inch
Suggested daily use 2-10 hours 2-10 hours 2-10 hours 2-10 hours
First visible gains 2-3 months 2-3 months 3-4 months 4-5 months
Dr approved
Comfort mechanism x.gif x.gif
Exercise program x.gif x.gif x.gif
Enlargement pills x.gif x.gif x.gif x.gif
Sperm increase pills x.gif x.gif x.gif x.gif
Money back guarantee 6 months 14 days Double money back guarantee 2 years double money back guarantee
Free shipping Worldwide Worldwide USA & Canada
Customer forums
Customer support Excellent Excellent Excellent OK
Discount code SGSC50 ($50 off) x.gif
Price From $199.95 205 GBP From $242.00 From $169.00
Visit website Visit website Visit website Visit website
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Our top recommendation – Sizegenetics

As you can see from the comparison table, our top recommended penis extender is Sizegenetics. And there are couple of good reasons for that:

  • First, the largest number of satisfied users of penis extenders comes from those who have used Sizegenetics penis device. This device has the highest user satisfaction rate (99% positive!).
  • Second, Sizegenetics has unique padded rubber strap which gives you extra comfort while wearing the device. This enables you to wear this device for as long as you want without any risk of injury! And this means that you will be able to achieve desired gains faster than you thought!
  • Third, Sizegenetics is not just a penis device; it's a complete penis enlargment system consisting of 1 penis enlargement device, a penis enlargment exercise program, sex guide, free spare parts etc...
  • Fourth, Sizegenetics is produced and distributed by a company that has been around for some time now, company with outstanding reputation on penis enlargement market. They are certainly not beginners when it comes to penis extenders. Each Sizegenetics device is tension-tested before it shipped to a customer! Also, once you receive your Sizegenetics device, you will have outstanding customer support; they will be able to answer all your questions in no time!

We can conclude that Sizegenetics is the best option for safe & fast penis enlargement. If you are unsure which penis extender is for you, then choose Sizegenetics, you won't regret it.

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Our other recommendations

Following Sizegenetics, we have 2 other penis extenders that we believe will give you great results in the long run.

  • Jes Extender is a well known extender in the penis enlargement community. We especially like the "double money back guarantee" and their "lock & load system" for safe and secure penis enlargement. However, unlike Sizegenetics, Jes Extender doesn't have penis exercise program included with it, so you might need more time to achieve desired penis size gains than with Sizegenetics.
  • Male Edge is another good penis extender. Coming in 3 packages (Basic, Extra and Pro), Male Edge extender is another great option for safe & fast penis enlargement. Using Male Edge, you can expect first visible size gains in 4-5 months minimum.

Keep in mind that Jes Extender and Male Edge don't have any special comfort mechanism to it, so it might be a bit uncomfortable in the beginning when wearing those penis extenders.