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Do penis extenders work?

After reading many penis extender reviews online, you are probably wondering: do penis extenders work? It's only logical to ask that question, because let's face it – these products are not cheap at all. So before you invest your hard earned money in a penis extender, you want to make sure that it really works.

After we went through many penis enlargement products on the market, we have come to conclusion that only penis extenders work! And here are several good reasons for this:

They use technique that has been safely used for thousands of years

elongated.jpgPenis extenders use principle of traction in order to increase penis length and girth. Principle of traction can be described as follows: If you put certain part of your body under a stretching force, your body will naturally adapt under such influence.

As a result, cells in that part of your body will divide and multiply, making that part of your body grow.

This technique has been used by ancient tribes thousand years ago to successfully enlarge various parts of human body.

Evidence of the principle of traction can be seen in the neck lengthening exploits of the famous Paduang or giraffe (long necked) women tribe that found in North Thailand and Myanmar. Also traction has been used by several ancient cultures to increase size of earlobes and their lips.

The most important thing to remember about principle of traction is that it is safe and it works!

Penis extenders are medically approved

medical.jpgPenis enlargement extenders are not just some products that you should blindly put your trust in. These products all have great medical backing, with doctors worldwide endorsing these products.

But that is not all – certain penis extenders go one step further and provide you with additional studies that have been performed on their extender.

For example, our #1 recommended extender Sizegenetics on their website present "Tractive Elongation of the Penis by Means of Stretching Study". They mention their results:

"The average result of treatment was an increase in erect length of 2,8 cm (1.1 Inch) after 1100 hours at 1200 g traction force. The corresponding flaccid increase is 1,9 cm or 0.75 inch."

Also, you can read about penis extenders' effectiveness in the media. For example there's an article on titled "Penile Extenders Actually Might Work, Doctors Say" which states that penis extenders really work.

Positive results from thousands of satisfied men around the world

satisfied-men.jpgThis is one of the most important factors when it comes to answering the question: do penis extenders work. Nothing can reassure you better than seeing before/after photos of men who have used certain penis extender.

If you go around online and visit manufacturers' websites, you will almost always see a special page dedicated to success stories of men who had success with a penis extender. This certainly gives you confidence and tells you that penis extenders really work. They worked for many men, why wouldn't it work for you?

Long money back guarantees

money.jpgMany extenders and certainly all of our top rated penis extenders come with at least 6 months money back guarantee. This is another important factor. It just tells you that manufacturers are so confident in their product and they are sure that it will work for you.

The logic behind this is simple: use the device for some time (for example 4 months) and if you don't see any penis size improvements (before the 6 month point), ask for all your money back and they will cheerfully refund your money back, no questions asked. Our reports say that return rates for all manufacturers are less than 1%, so we doubt that you will want your money back at all.


We hope that we answered your question of do penis extenders work. As you can see from the above, there's some pretty strong evidence that penis extenders really work and that you have nothing to be skeptical about.

The most important thing to remember about penis extenders is that they are perfectly safe and they give you permanent penis enlargement (no other method will give you permanent penis enlargement).

Now that you know that penis extenders really do work, it's time to choose the one that is best suited for you. Take a good look at our recommended extenders and choose from there.

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