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History of Penis Enlargement

If you look back through history, you will see that mankind has always been fascinated with penis. They have always wanted large penises as well. Scientists have seen this in cave drawings that date all the way back to 440 BC. Many of these cave drawings show men (normally kings) with large penises.

They would take these large penises and go around and bless their town. Of course, cultures around the world have always had different ideas about how to worship the penis. Some people would make penis statues, and others have even made temples. Most of the time, in pictures from Rome, Gods would be shown with penises far large than that of a normal man, showing that normal men could never love women the way that a God could. Thus, these Gods demand the respect of women.

Even the Egyptians had paintings that showed their God with a big penis. Their God of Creation, Geb, was always painted with an immense penis that was thrusting upwards into the sky. One such God in Rome that was drawn with a big penis was Priapus. King Dihythia of Senegal was also draw with a big penis. In his pictures, women would be kneeled down before him, reaching out to touch his giant member. Women believed that they would be “filled” with happiness and blessings as soon as they touched the huge penis.

Also seen throughout history are the dangerous things that men have done to expand the length of their penis. Some of them would try to manually stretch the shaft by hanging weights from the tip of their penis and their scrotum. In the middle ages, some men would even cut slits down the shaft of their penis hoping that this would enlarge the penis itself.

In the Middle East, fathers would help to prepare their sons for the first sexual relationship by teaching them a penis massage technique that was called jelqing. This was suppose to help enlarge the penis. However, the word jelq is thought to be a corruption of the word, “jerk off”, and this was used by college students. No matter where the start of this word came from, it is a common practice that is found in many penis enlargement exercises.

So you should never feel as if people from the old days did not worry about the size of their penis. Many people think that movies of today, as well as music, have changed the way we see ourselves for the worst. However, if you look back through history, you can clearly see that this is something that has always been in the minds of men. Men want to be able to please women, as well as be happy and confident with themselves. All of this can be done by simply increasing the size of your penis.

Although the ways to increase the size of the penis may have changed over the course of history, one thing is for sure: people worry about the size of their penis. People use to do some pretty scary things to try and increase the size of their penis, but now there are safer ways that you can go about doing this.

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