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Jes Extender review

Size gains 1-3 inches
First visible results 3-4 months
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Discreet packaging
Free shipping
Money back guarantee Double money back guarantee
Price From $242.00

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What is it and how does it work?

Jes-Extender is totally non-surgical and completely natural method of adding inches to your penis size. This penis extender is causing quite a stir in the PE industry, simply because it has shown some great results among the penis enlargement crowd and because it offers 4 different packages.

Jes Extender is based on valid scientific evidence and was proven to work. And it works by utilizing a method of traction – this method stretches the cells in your penis over a period of time. These cells are then divided and multiplied in a completely natural way. As a result more tissue is created and the size of your penis will be increased. As you can tell, it's a very simple process, but it is scientifically proven and it works for everyone!

With over a quarter of million products sold, it is really surprising that Jes Extender has come under a great deal of scrutiny, and it has been passing various tests with flying colors!

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Scientific evidence of Jes Extender

In one totally objective scientific research that was conducted recently, Jes Extender achieved an average penis enlargement of about 28%, with many men reporting more than that increase in their penis size. These numbers can't lie and they just prove how powerful Jes Extender can be when you use it properly.

The nice thing about Jes Extender is that so much scientific study and research went into the creation of the product. And what's even better – this product is constantly improving and testing to make sure that every man who uses this penis extender gets expected results (and more than that).

Why buy Jes Extender?

  • Scientifically proven to work
  • Very affordable pricing
  • Spare parts available
  • Double money back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support (phone & email)
  • 4 different packages in offer

Positive sides

  • Safety tested 600 – 1,500gr of traction – This penis extender was specifically created to give you very precise tension and consistent stretch. Basically you can wear Jes Extender for as long as you want without any risks of injuries or side effects.
  • "Lock & Load" system – This unique system will fasten the extender securely to your penis and the perfect amount of tension will be achieved. We really liked this feature!
  • CE stamp of safety – This means that Jes Extender was manufactured in EU, with highest standards of quality control. Usually this means that the extender had to go through very rigorous testing in order to appear on the market. This just tells you that manufacturers actually care about safety of their users.
  • Double money back guarantee – It's very simple: if you're not satisfied with the results, ask for your money back and they will give you double the amount that you originally paid.

Negative sides

  • Doctor who medically endorsees this extender can also be found to approve some other penis extenders on the market.
  • No discounts, no free bonuses.


Overall, JesExtender is a good penis extender. Starting at $242, it's more affordable than Sizegenetics. However, there aren't any bonuses and no discount codes with JesExtender.

But so far Jes Extender is a great seller for many reasons, mostly because a lot of men around the world became much happier with their penis size because of this penis extender.

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