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Penis extenders vs. other methods

When you approach the penis enlargement process, you basically cannot afford to choose the wrong method of enlargement. You only have one penis; therefore choosing wrong penis enlargement method is not an option for you.

As you know, today's market is huge and there are all kinds of product marketed: from miracle pills to lotions, creams, weights etc. They all are claiming that they can help you enlarge your penis. But is it all true? Can all those products really help you add permanent inches to your penis?

In our experience, all those products that are marketed are ineffective and some even dangerous. They're just trying to get your hard earned money.

As a result of our extensive research and studying user reviews from around the world, we will show you here why penis extenders are better option than ALL other methods of penis enlargement. We only recommend penis extenders as they are the only method of enlargement that is clinically proven and medically backed.

Penis extenders

penis-extender.jpgPenis extenders are the most successful method of penis enlargement today. They are also called penis enlargement devices or penis stretchers. They use principle of traction in order to add inches to your penis. Principle of traction is widely used method in modern medicine and has been used since ancient times by different cultures to enlarge different parts of human body.

Using penis extenders you can expect to add up to 3 inches in length and up to 2 inches in girth after 6 months of everyday use (in some cases even up to 4 inches in length!).

Several well known companies have conducted clinical research about penis extenders that just prove that you will have certain results if you use penis extenders. Unlike other methods of penis enlargement, penis extenders are well researched by many medical professionals around the world, they have great medical backing and endorsements and they have proved to work many times for many men worldwide.

Benefits you can expect:

  • Add up to 4 inches in length
  • Add up to 2 inches in girth
  • Increased stamina in bed
  • Better ejaculation control
  • Correction of penile curvatures

Many users reported following benefits:

  • Great & more enjoyable sex with their partner
  • Fuller, rock-hard erections
  • Super-high confidence levels when around women
  • Better self esteem

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Penis pills

no-penis-pills.pngMany companies nowadays offer herbal pills, so called "penis enlargement pills" that are intended to help you enlarge your penis. While all these companies make some outrageous and bold claims about their pills, the truth is that you will not be able to achieve permanent penis enlargement using these pills. They can only give you temporary enlargement.

When used on their own, these pills temporarily improve blood flow to your penis. Pills are not able to help you with stretching the erectile tissue, that's why permanent gains are not possible. Pills can be useful only when combined with successful enlargement method like penis extenders. In that case pills will be able to further increase speed and size of your gains.

Possible problems with penis pills:

  • Bad, contaminated pills
  • Incorrect dosage of pills
  • Possible allergies to ingredients inside pills
  • Contra indications with other medications
  • High blood pressure

Penis pumps

RedPenisPump1.jpgAnother method of penis enlargement that has been heavily advertized in the past are penis pumps or vacuum devices. These pumps can provide you with "fuller" and "larger looking" penis for only 20-30 minutes after you use them. This can only be good if you can plan your sexual encounters ahead of time.

If you apply too much pressure, capillaries and blood vessels in your penis can break, which means that there's a possibility of permanent damage to your penis!

The truth is that penis pumps will not give you permanent penis enlargement. Possible problems with penis pumps are:

  • Lumps – this can be caused by incorrect pressure and it can lead to blood clots, nerve damage or loss of circulation
  • Bruising – this one can be VERY painful, making your erections almost impossible and even urination very difficult
  • Bent penis – unlike penis extenders, pumps actually can create curves rather than correct them

Weight hanging

no-penis-weight.pngWeight hanging means that you hang weights from your penis in order to enlarge its size. This sounds silly as it is. Also it's very dangerous as the weight hanging below your legs can swing at any slight movement of yours! Only one slight movement can actually cut in to your penis and leave you with damaged and deformed penis forever!

Potential risks involved with hanging weights are:

  • Torn ligaments
  • Cutting
  • Bruising
  • Loss of circulation
  • Painful erections
  • Impotence
  • Reduced sensitivity

Penis surgery

no-penis-surgery.jpgJust like any other surgery, penis surgery is also very expensive and carries very high risks with it. Because many complications are possible with penis surgery, most doctors are not willing to perform this kind of operation.

Also, surgery is by far one of the most expensive methods of penis enlargement, usually costing several thousand for a most basic procedure.

Besides being expensive, penis surgery is also unguaranteed and extremely high risk – if something goes wrong, it is usually irreversible, so that you're stuck with deformed or damaged penis forever!

Potential risks:

  • Very intense pain
  • Smaller penis size
  • Scarring
  • Nerve damage
  • Deformation
  • Impotence
  • Loss of sexual drive completely


good.jpgAfter looking at the most popular methods of penis enlargement, we can conclude that only penis extenders work. They are the only method of penis enlargement that is clinically proven to work and backed by many doctors worldwide.

As you can see, other methods of penis enlargement all carry certain levels of risk; some even put you in danger of permanently damaging your penis! This is not acceptable and we advise you to avoid those kinds of products by all means.

Now that you know why penis extenders are the best option for safe & efficient penis enlargement, we invite you to take a look at our recommendations and choose from there. You can have peace of mind, knowing that penis extenders that we recommend are totally risk-free and they will not give you any harm, unlike other methods of penis enlargement.

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