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Phallosan penis extender review

Size gains Up to 1.9 inches length & 1 inch girth
First visible results 2-3 months
Comfort mechanism
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Many men search the internet looking for a penis enlargement product that is not only guaranteed to give them size gains, but is also safe to use. There are many different devices available such as pumps and penis stretchers, each of these having their own advantages and disadvantages.

Imagine if you could use a penis stretcher that combined the advantages of both systems, while giving you quick effective size gains. Not only that but a device that has been through clinically studies and is also medically safe, Phallosan has been designed for just that purposes.

What Is Phallosan?

Phallosan is the only penis stretcher that uses a patented orthopaedic belt, combined with a vacuum protector. This revolutionary device is designed to give you a faster way to enlarge or straighten the penis.

The Phallosan system has been developed and improved on over the past several years, this continued research and developed has resulted in Phallosan being one of the world’s most recommend penis enlargement devices.

Back in 2005 a clinically study was done on the effectiveness of Phallosan; this was done by a Urological clinic in Germany. This study was done with a group of men that where aged 20-68; they used the device for 6 months.

Everyone in the study did experience some growth in both the length and the width of the penis. The actual amount of growth they saw did vary on how many hours per day they wore the device for, the more time the device is worn for the better the results would be.


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Phallosan Benefits

The Phallosan system is not just designed to increase the penis size; it does provide other benefits such as curvature straightening and even enhancement benefits. People that have used Phallosan have seen the following benefits;

  • Additional Penis Length – 1.9 inches
  • More Penis Width – 1 inch
  • Straighter Penis
  • Reduced Erectile Dysfunction
  • Many More

How Does Phallosan Work?

Penis Enlargement devices such as Phallosan work by stimulating the penile tissues; this allows them to form new cells. It stimulates the tissues by applying a continued stretch to the penis, over time these cells divide and multiply.

Many penis stretchers over time can cause pain and discomfort; this is generally because of the restriction of blood it can cause. Phallosan has been designed to not only be painless but unlike other devices it can also be worn through the night. The unique design of the device does not restrict blood flow and is automatically adjusted if you happen to get an erection while wearing the device.

As you need to apply a constant stretch to the penis, it is advised to wear the device for at least 8-10 hours per day. As it uses a unique orthopaedic belt to hold the unit in place, it can be worn discreetly and there is no risk of it falling off like other stretchers.


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How Safe Is Phallosan?

If you’re looking for a way to enlarge the penis, you want a product that is guaranteed to give you the results but one that is also going to be safe to wear.

Phallosan is classified as a medical type 1 device, as well as carrying the CE symbol to show that it does meet all the requirements of the European health authorities.

All of the materials are manufactured to ensure that they are safe and are tested for biocompatibility. The orthopaedic belt is designed for Phallosan to ensure that it is free of formaldehyde, additional items such as the suction bell condom is also allergen and latex free.

Curvature Straightening With Phallosan

No one has a penis that is as straight as an arrow; everyone has a curve to some degree. This curve is normally small and therefore most people don’t notice it. There are however many men that do have a curve that is more noticeable, this can form naturally or a curve may happen from an injury to the penis.

Initially someone that suffered from a curve would need surgery to correct it; this is no longer the case as penis stretchers such as Phallosan have been proven to help reduce curves. Many people do also notice that when they straighten the penis, it will actually increase in length as well. This is because the curve tends to cause a loss of 3-5 cm in length.

Why You Should Use Phallosan

If you’re looking for a quick and safe way to enlarge the penis then Phallosan is perfect for you, as you have discovered it will not only increase the size but improve the general health of the penis.

If you decide to use Phallosan you will receive:

  • Medical type 1 Device, Orthopaedic belt combined with Vacuum Protector
  • A Device That Has Gone Through Clinical Studies
  • A Device That Carries CE Symbol – Showing That It Meets Medical Requirements
  • Featured In MensHealth Magazine
  • Lower Priced Compared To Other Devices
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Shipped World Wide And Discreet

Conclusion – Why You Should Buy Phallosan

Phallosan has been rated as a top penis enlargement product throughout the internet; it has proven to be that popular it can be found in pharmacies in several European countries. The device has been developed and improved over the past several years, this ensuring that you will see the very best results. Using Phallosan you will see benefits such as;

  • Additional Penis Length – 1.9 inches
  • More Penis Width – 1 inch
  • Straighter Penis
  • Reduced Erectile Dysfunction
  • Many More

Imagine using the Phallosan and within 6 months having a larger, thicker penis. Thanks to its unique design you can see the results you have been hoping for, without any discomfort or pain.

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